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How to build on the (incredibly fragile) coast

June 20 2009 | Coastal development, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

So much of the time we tell people or organizations "no."

We say "don't do that." We tell them "don't build in that location or in that way". My sense is we're really good at saying "no" because saying "yes" is much, much harder. It's harder for developers as they believe construction with the least environmental impact costs more money. It's harder for us because we need to cross the line of talking "at" a developer and sit at the same table and talk "with" them. It's also hard for us because we understand the real damage done to the environment when construction is done... it's hard for us to make concessions in ANY area.

When we moved our offices we felt this challenge and ended up with an amazing new space that is LEED certified, has great air flow, natural lighting, etc.

I recently found out about the video below. It's pretty amazing for me to watch as the main character in it is Leon Richter. Leon went to Puerto Rico eight years ago and has been the core driver of the Salvas Tres Palmas campaign. That campaign yielded one of the first marine protected area that was designed to help protect a wave (Tres Palmas). I encorage you to check out that campaign (and video) here.

Leon has fought property developers since the day he landed in Puerto Rico. It's pretty cool that he's taken all he's learned and addressed one of the largest issues in that region, sustainable and thoughtful development.

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