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Huge tip of the hat to the crew behind keeping the North Shore of Oahu… pristine

April 09 2010 | Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

In case you haven't heard the back story... The North Shore of Oahu is a unique place.

It's unique in that it's not spoiled.

Think of Miami Beach, Florida... Australia's Gold Coast... or Honolulu, Hawaii.

Increasingly the world's coasts are being developed, complete with strip malls and high rises.

Then there is the North Shore of Oahu.

The short story is that a few decades ago a small group of people had a vision of the pristine coasts of the North Shore... staying pristine. They branded their campaign "Keep the Country Country." Over the last twenty years the efforts have never really stopped, and have even been handed down generation to generation.

One of the iconic fights that frames this era and this group of activists is the proposed expansion of the only large-scale hotel on the North Shore, The Turtle Bay Resort.
The quick update to this story is that this large hotel was trying to justify expansion plans based on a 25-year-old environmental impact study. Along with many people and many organizations, we fought this and won. Now, the hotel must conduct an updated environmental impact study for review before they will be permitted to move forward. The news story is here.

If you're interested in more details on the back story, I
've spoken with a number of North Shore leaders over the past few years and captured their perspective on things on podcasts, including Peter Cole, Larry and Blake McElheny, Randy Rarrick, Mark Cunningham, Rabbit Bugs Wayne Bartholomew, lead attorney Rory Wicks and others (more here).
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