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Hummer versus Tata

January 13 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I heard about the Tata Nano a day or so ago. $2,500 list price, seats 4ish. Poised to revolutionize Indian automotive market. Interesting... I'd be a lot more impressed if it ran on an alternative fuel... but at least it's small and gets 50 MPG (= Prius). These kinds of large-volume transformations are a vision of what India and China will be going through in the next decade as they sprint towards creation of a widespread middle class. Get ready...

On the other hand things could be worse, we could be talking about Hummers. Hummer, potentially waking up and smelling the green coffee has a new ad campaign... it's trying to brand itself as a "Hummberger Helper." What's that, there is a fire...wait, don't send an ambulance... paint a Hummer and get a photo op...

Oil topped $100 a barrel, more oil enters the ocean from car leaks than from large tanker spills... um... the Tata Nano gets 50 MPG, the Hummer gets 10 - 12 MPG.

Of course this is an apples-to-oranges comparison... these are simply two recent announcements, somewhat indicative of national focus, aspiration and pride.

Tata Nano vid

Hummer stuck, pulled out by a '76 Scout vid
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