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I do.

April 02 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

The Surfrider network is a unique thing.

It spans the earth. But more than that it's made up of people who can be serious about world events and also kick back and have fun.

Like many of you, I've visited multiple chapters in a number of regions. I've spent time with a whole lot of people associated with this movement. Everywhere I go I find straightforward, realistic and action-oriented people... but more than that I find people who I want as my friends.

Last Saturday my friend and Surfrider San Diego activist Alan Honadle married the beautiful Surfrider San Diego activist Sara you see in the photo. The wedding took place at water's edge at Sunset Cliffs. Very cool wedding, super fun crowd (what would you expect of so many Surfrider activists).

As I witnessed this wedding I was reminded of how many other marriages have resulted from the Surfrider network. I think I know why this is the case... it's the people.

Go to ANY Surfrider event, any chapter meeting... anywhere on the planet and you will find people who you simply enjoy being around... you'll find friends.

And... you may find love.

What other couples have come together via the Surfrider network?
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