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If Eames surfed… he’d be Ed Fladung

June 12 2009 | Art, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

One of my favorite things about the internet is finding people that you wouldn't otherwise find. I love alt-tabbing over to Newsfire and seeing what is directed my way.

Though one of those feeds came Ed Fladung.

He describes himself... "I’m a graphic designer who lived in L.A. I quit my job, sold my car, rented out my house and moved to Mexico. Along the way, I learned how to surf and fell in love."

His Quality Peoples site is one of the finer designed sites out there. His photos are worthy of Surfers Journal cover shots. His vibe is a rare mix of deep design, Cupertino and authentic Mexican flair.

In a sea of sluggish homogeneity, his work pops.

I dig his work and have included a few shots below. If you want more, you're in luck as he's as wired as anyone I know... links to his various sites are below the photographs.

this dude is wired:





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