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If you garden, ocean-friendly garden

July 12 2010 | Ocean friendly garden, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

WATER + POLLUTION + GRAVITY = OCEAN POLLUTION The message behind ocean friendly gardens is almost that simple. This book helps answer the question "what can YOU do to minimize ocean pollution?" I created an ocean friendly garden in my front yard a few years ago and it went from the ugliest yard on the street to among the most beautiful. The coolest part of the transformation was that all I did was take out the plants that never should have been planted in the first place (including grass) and I planted things that require very little water, no fertilizer and thrive in a coastal climate. Here's our site for ocean friendly gardens. Check it out and if you feel like getting your hands dirty, you can pick up the book at Amazon. Get that here. For all of you who love your garden or yard, this is a wonderful onramp to help you minimize ocean pollution.
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