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Jack and Surfrider

August 31 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Last night Jack Johnson wrapped up his world tour. The tour went to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, Canada and the United States. We were alongside at pretty much every stop. Together we were bringing attention to the problem associated with single-use plastics under the Rise Above Plastics banner.

If you caught the tour then you'll know that it was no ordinary tour. Read this article for the long version of what that means. The short version from my perspective is that Jack is to the environment as Bono is to Aids in Africa. Both know they have "currency" associated with their music, fans and celebrity. Both are funneling that currency toward a greater good. Actually, that's not completely accurate as Jack's wife, Kim, is a major force in that equation. So... Jack and Kim are to the environment as...

Think global, act local. This tour exemplified that message. Surfrider Foundation was honored to be part of it.

Thanks Jack. Thanks Kim.

Oh... and thanks for rocking the Save Trestles shirts in Orange County and San Diego as we have another major hearing coming up September 22 at Del Mar Fairgrounds. Go here for more details.

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