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Jack Johnson >>> Not the Answer

July 16 2010 | Music, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Jack Johnson is always ready to connect to a meaningful cause. On Jack's last world tour he helped us kick off the Rise Above Plastics campaign on multiple continents. As you probably already know, Jack is touring again right now. His tour dates are here. His tour is among my favorites as it's hard to point to another tour more tied into (and supportive of) both local issues as well as larger, regional and global issues. Spend a bit of time on his site and check out how many groups he and his crew have connected with. At a concert a few days ago we collected 70 letters from his fans asking President Obama to restore the offshore drilling moratorium. Jack also wore one of our shirts on stage and gave a shout out / thank you to the local Surfrider activists. He's pictured here with Surfrider leaders Beth Reynolds and Kurt Kwart. Jack and his wife Kim are activists. He's engaged and always seeking ways to make an impact. Thanks Jack and Kim (and the larger Brushfire crew). 1. Read the Not the Answer blog (get daily updates). 2. Donate to the local chapter to help them pay for water quality testing (due to the complexity of the test for toxic materials each test costs $300) 3. Send President Obama a letter asking him to restore the Federal Moratorium on new offshore drilling. 4. Check out the Spilltracker, it's a wiki that's being populated by locals affected by this disaster. 5. If you're local to the spill, check out our volunteer toolkit (pdf). 6. Join us. Issues like the spill will affect many, and one of the best ways to stay abreast of what's happening there and on other coasts is to join Surfrider.
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