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Jack Johnson reconnects with the SF crew in Brazil

June 14 2011 | Events, Kids, Joy,

Jack Johnson recently completed a South American tour. While there he connected with Surfrider Argentina and Surfrider Brazil. One of my favorite things about Jack and the entire Brushfire team is how intentional they are. The last time they went to this region they connected with the Rochina kids (those photos and videos are here).

This time Jack and team made the effort to connect with these same kids again. It's almost hard to put this into context. A few years ago Jack reached out, spent time with kids and offered what was possibly one of the highpoints of their lives. It would be like if Joe Strummer from The Clash coming to my neighborhood when I was a kid and helping me paint custom graphics on my skateboard. But doing this once isn't enough... he returned. This is what I mean by intentional. This is one of the reasons Jack is so extraordinary.

He spent the day at the local Botanical Garden. He planted a tree, participated in a peaceful protest against the new Brazilian Forest Code, visited the Rocinha Surf School and invited the Rocinha Surf School kids and the Surfrider volunteers to his show. His engagement and attitude towards Surfriders mission is powerful. The locals are seeing hundreds of comments and posts on local websites.

Cutting down the tropical forests of Brasil will directly affect the protection of essential water basins, including mangrove and wetlands and all of the important biodiversity that inhabit these ecosystems, creating an unprecedented impact on the coastal equilibrium. This will also raise Brazil's carbon footprint which comes mainly from deforestation. For that reason Surfrider Brasil has created the campaign Surf for the Forests. It exists to create awareness and engage people in this issue. Jack has supported these initiatives.

On behalf of the people, now around the world, that have connected to Jack personally... thanks Jack.

(The photo on the top is my favorite. It was taken after Jack planted the tree in the Botanical Garden. Sergio Mello, the local maven behind Surfrider Brazil, told him there was a protest against a new law and he ran over to suport a peaceful protest against the new Environment Code. Jack literally ran to be a part of it. More on that here.)

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