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Jock and Gerry

August 21 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

A few winters ago, while on Oahu's North Shore getting caught up on our chapter's campaigns, I ended up at a Pipe Masters anniversary event. I believe every winner of Pipe was there except Gerry Lopez. Gerry sent a video proxy where he mostly pointed to the person he saw as Mr. Pipeline, Jock Sutherland.

I caught up with Jock a few days later and hiked the Pupukea Paumalu hills above Pipeline with him, recording this podcast while we hiked. I'll never forget that hike. I'll also never forget the fish Jock gave me as I was heading to the airport a day later... it was perhaps the most delicious, melt in your mouth raw (smoked) fish I've ever experienced.

When I think of people like Jock Sutherland, Peter Cole or Gerry Lopez I think of pioneers. I also think of gentlemen. Thanks for the hike Jock... and that fish was... fantastically memorable.

Check out these vodcasts; Jock and Gerry deconstructing Pipe.

Part 1. The first wave

Part 2. Pipe pioneers

Part 3. The 70's

Part 4. Expression Session

Part 5. Wipeouts

Part 6. Kelly Slater and Backdoor
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