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John Van Hamersveld > Jeffrey’s Bay

October 08 2009 | Art, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Think of this as a math equation.

What do you get when you start with The Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street,

add The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour,

then add Kiss's Hotter than Hell...

... and then throw in the most important surf film of all time... Endless Summer?

Aside from a sonic mashup du jour... you get John Van Hamersveld.

Look at those images to the left. Each of them weighty in their own right. Oh yea, he also did Skeletons in the closet for Grateful Dead, This is what you want for PiL... (all part of a massive body of work).

John Van Hamersveld has serious cred.

For Surfrider Foundation's 25th Anniversary Gala, which is a scant twenty four hours away, JVH took on Jeffrey's Bay.

This is also notable as the person that selected the 25 waves in this series was none other than Shaun Tomson... listen to what he says about JBay in the video below. Come to the gala to see JVH's take on Jeffrey's Bay.

See you tomorrow night, details and tickets here.

John Van Hammersveld > Jeffreys Bay [Surfrider Foundation's 25th Anniversary Gala] from Surfrider Foundation on Vimeo.

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