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Kill your yard and win big (ofg contest ends in a few days)

July 27 2011 | Events, Water, Ocean friendly garden,

It's rare that one can embrace a coastally conscious gardening ethic AND end up surfing Malibu with a few celebrities. This is your chance to pull it off.

As you perhaps already know, I'm a fan of ocean friendly gardening. Originally I took on my small, front yard and changed it to become more ocean friendly. Plants that don't require fertilizer were used and overall everything requires less water. Then I took on my backyard and used the lessons learned on the front yard.

It's been transformative. We never used to use our back yard and now we live in it.

The picture to the left offers an illustration why ocean friendly gardening makes sense. It makes sense because of the simple fact that land is connected to the oceans and gravity pulls pretty much everything (excess water, fertilizers and chemicals...) to the ocean.

So now it's your turn.

This time around you can transform your yard AND end up paddiing out at Malibu with a few celebrities.

Sounds fun to me.

We're coming down to the wire, the deadline for the 2011 Greenscape Challenge is upon us.

The deadline is July 31st. More info here.

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