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Land/sea/nudity: Skinny dip for Trestles

June 17 2009 | Ads, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

New Belgium brewery is one of the more conservation-oriented breweries around. A few years ago they started a campaign focusing on regional river issues and used skinny dipping as the way to draw people to pay attention to those issue (and connect with their Skinny Dip brew).

As some of you may know, the San Mateo Creek was put on the "most endangered rivers" list last year due to it's placement being smack dab in the middle of the state park that feeds Trestles. It was endangered due to the silly idea of putting a toll road straight through a state park. Yep, this is linked to the Save Trestles campaign.

Sooo. Below you'll find the ad and the "making of " video. Think of this as the intersection of New Belgium brewery, Trestles, San Mateo creek... and nudity.

And you thought this kind of thing only happened at San O's Trail Six.


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