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Leon Richter and Snickers walk on water…

January 14 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Photo credit: Ali Jones

Leon Richter is our man in the islands, specifically our man in Puerto Rico. I knew that Leon walks on water. What I didn't know is that Leon's dog, Snickers, also walked on water.

I love this photo. I still double-take when I'm checking the surf and see the silhouette of someone standing up out in the lineup. Sure, I know... SUP is huge. I suppose I just have an image in my mind regarding what I should see when I look out at the water.

How is it possible to look at the beauty in nature and not want to get engaged to defend it?

Is it possible to look... to interact with nature and not defend it?

If you live in PR, plug in here.

If you aren't that lucky, plug in here.

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