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Living on the beach

June 05 2012 | Beaches, Joy,

I put this photo up on Facebook and five times the number of people that normally engage on my photos did on this one.


I don't think it's just the image by itself.

Sure... it's a sweet van but I've put a dozen pics up of Microbuses... this one hit a nerve with people.

It's something deeper... this image and the text speak to something more deeply connected to our identities.

We all want to live at the beach... the closer the better. It's not complex... in fact it's really that simple.

We want to be near the beach.

The statistics show this isn't just an aspirational desire... we're doing it. The narrow coastal fringe that makes up 17% of the land in the United States is home to over half our population.

I could point to the massive challenges that this migration has caused, such as the 40 foot high sea walls lining 80% of the shore in the beach town I live in... but most people tend to not think of those challenges.

They think of a simpler life, less time on email and more time with sand in their toes.

If you're reading this blog post chances are you're part of this group. You love beaches. Chances are you've sculpted your lifestyle around maximizing your time at or near the beach.

You look at this photo and see yourself in it. I get that because I see myself in that photo.

If you're part of the group that loves the beach then support the groups that are oriented around preserving those special places. That may equate to joining Surfrider and you can do that here or If there are other groups in your area doing that same thing then I suggest you support them.

Let's all make sure our beaches stay as pristine as possible.

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