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Malibu changes it’s name to Malipoo

December 07 2009 | Water Quality, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

OK... no they aren't. But check out the factoids below... maybe they should.

These were the driving forces behind the Clean water at the 'Bu campaign.

42% of groundwater comes from septic systems, and 92% of that makes it to the beach.

Source: November 2009 septics hearing presentation by the Regional Water Quality Control Board staff (in Malibu Creek area)

Surfrider Beach violated bacteria TMDLs (total maximum daily loads) 76 times in 2008, 64 times in 2009. Yuck.

Source: From Heal The Bay’s presentation during the November 2009 septics hearing

Malibu only had 21 weeks of polluted water compared to the Santa Monica Pier which had 29 weeks of failed water quality.

Source: Statement made by the city of Malibu during the City of Malibu’s presentation at the November 2009 septics hearing

Los Angeles County had the worst overall beach water quality in the state last year, with Malibu's Surfrider Beach ranking eighth on the report's list of "Top 10 Beach Bummers" in all of California, or beaches receiving an overall "F" for year-round dry weather.
Source: Malibu times

All these facts make the recent win so notable. The
LA Regional Water Quality Control Board voted 5-2 to ban new septic systems in central and eastern Malibu, and force existing ones to halt wastewater discharges by the year 2020.

Clean Water at the 'Bu may finally be on the horizon.
More on the victory here.
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