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Maybe we need Stormtroopers to guard our beaches

July 12 2011 | Beach access, Coastal development, Coastal armoring, Activism, DIY Activism, Surfing,

If one could ask every one of the 300,000,000 people in the United States if they love the beach I'd venture say that we'd hear a "yes" from... all of them. Ok, maybe not 100% of them but I have yet to meet someone (regardless of where they live in the country) that doesn't love the beach.

Our beaches are our open spaces. They are to the United States what Central Park is to New Yorkers.

So who is guarding them?

Who makes sure that the coast is preserved?

Who works to test the water when it's thought to be polluted?

Who fights coastal development when it ruins the natural beauty of the coast?

Who fights to keep single-use plastics out of the oceans?

Surfrider Foundation does.

The truth is that doing those things isn't as easy as it may sound. Fighting to protect and preserve our coasts isn't the same thing as a sunset walk on the beach. It entails long, boring city council meetings. It calls for people to organize others. Protecting our coasts asks us to step into positions of leadership in ways that we may never have thought we were capable of.

It's hard.

And yet it's tremendously fullfilling to work to preserve an area you love... and leave a legacy for generations to follow.

Of course I think about this every single day... and yet it all rushed through me again when I found the Stormtrooper Surfer site out of Australia.

Maybe we need to expand our network... and get some Stormtroopers to help us guard our coasts.

Find your local chapter here.

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