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Micro-volunteer for Rise Above Plastics

December 14 2009 | Modern Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

It will take me longer to to explain this than it will for you to execute it.

In fact, it took me only one minute to execute this application.

Here's the background: anyone that has followed this blog knows that I like to talk about onramps to our mission. An onramp is a way for people to connect to our mission... that is, it's a way for people to plug in.

I also like the idea of making the initial ask a very small one, a micro-ask. If I was a stranger standing behind you in a line for coffee and asked to borrow $5 you'd think, "No way, I don't even know this person." But if I asked for 5 cents, you'd be stoked to offer it to me. This is because it's a small ask. A micro-ask.

Surfrider has announced a new onramp in the form of an iPhone app. This won't be our last and it won't be our most comprehensive. If you have an iPhone you can find the app called "the extraordinaries" at the App Store. Download it (it's free).

You'll be asked who you want to follow, pick Surfrider. You're ready to go.

As you can see from the screen to the right, we've created an application that feeds into our existing Rise Above Plastics campaign.

Our goal is simple, build a photo-library of single-use plastic trash we see as we're living our lives.

Click on the "Photograph discarded single use plastics..." and you'll be taken to your camera.

Take a picture of the discarded plastic.

You'll be asked to add some comments.

And map where you found the trash (which is done automatically as every iPhone has GPS embedded).

And you're done!

Eventually we'll tag this data with what type of single-use plastics are in the image and since the map data is already embedded, we'll be able to sort through our library. For instance, we could search "plastic bags in Oregon" and have some interesting images and data to share.

It might be a micro-volunteer action but we're macro-stoked that you've plugged into our mission.

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