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Music outreach program > live where people live > onramp to our mission

December 10 2009 | Music, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

If you want to connect with people, live where they live.

Literally go to the places that people go, and make a connection.

Another way to say this is don't build a website and think people will come to you... they won't. Instead go to where they already are... Find a way to stream your messaging into their family and friends' Facebook updates.

Instead of popping up a table/booth at your own event and expecting people to stop by, pop up a table/booth where they are already going... like the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.

This brings me to the Music Outreach Program.

I love it.

"The Music Outreach Program is a partnership between the San Francisco, CA and Washington, DC Surfrider Chapters, and the live music community. Chapter activists set up outreach tables at shows, and talk with live music fans about the Surfrider mission."

I believe it was Nicole Parisi-Smith that spearheaded this effort and it makes perfect sense to me. She loves music. She connects with Surfrider. The intersection is already so logical, so why not connect the two?

Nice onramp.

Live where people live. Connect with them there.
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