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Nearly 5,000 sewage spills in CA last year

July 11 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

How many sewage spills did you think there were in California last year?


One hundred?

Four hundred?

Five thousand!

I work at Surfrider and I didn't know the number was that large. Truth is that we don't really hear about sewage spills in the news. With nearly 5,000 last year that's...

More than 13 sewage spills per day.

"Last year, over 16 million gallons of raw and partially treated sewage, from nearly 5,000 spills, was dumped into California's rivers, coasts, and bays by aging sewage plants and collection systems. These spills create a serious threat to public health and our marine environment. They contain not only human waste, pathogens and viruses, but also household and industrial chemicals, and toxic pollutants which harm California's waterways and beaches, and pose a danger to the health and safety of people who fish, recreate, or live near the affected areas."

For more info, click on the graphic above.
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