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New Smyrna hits 19

September 06 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I paddled out yesterday on a longboard and surfed Tabletops in Solana Beach. I was by myself because it was dusk and the waves were tiny.

As I sat there on a 9'8" Bing Pintail Lightweight nabbing waist high peelers and watching a glorious late summer sunset, my mind turned to sharks. The recent attack by a white took place a stones throw from where I was. But the odds were in my favor so I wasn't too worried.

If I was in New Smyrna the odds would have been different. They just had their nineteenth shark attack this year. Yep. 19 hits this year. Wow.

When I was in New Smyrna a year or so ago I sat there on the beach and looked at the water. I asked a local "what's all that splashing?" and the answer was "those are sharks." I then said something to the effect of "ahhh... that's happening right next to the lineup" and then I was schooled on the local currents, sand flow, cloudy waters and ongoing numerous shark attacks.

I have one wish for the crew in New Smyrna.

May you never see 20 (attacks that is).


photo: roger simms/AP
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