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No beach access for you

July 02 2013 | Beach access,

Imagine heading down to the beach for a surf and seeing this.

I took this photo Monday morning at 7am at Strands Beach in Dana Point, California. It wasn't staged, these guys were simply seeking to paddle out. What they found was a locked gate.

This particular fight has its own circular saga (developer agrees in good faith to allow beach access in exchange for gaining more to develop, renegs on his agreement and locks the process up in court). For the "Strands Gate" story, go here.

I'm posting this blog because of the larger idea.

The coast is all of ours, not some of ours.

The beaches are our open space, all of our open space.

Surfrider and its 250,000 supporters, activists and members believe this and support our policy on beach access which here.

If your beach access is at risk, join our ranks.

Find a local chapter here. Become a member here

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