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No one is born an activist

February 11 2011 | Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I think about this subject almost every day. Why is ________ an activist? Why isn't ________ engaged more, don't they care? People aren't born activists. Events in their lives shape them and push them to a point where they feel like they MUST engage. This is illustrated so well right now in Egypt. The hundreds of thousands... the millions... of people in the streets were not activists last year. Listen to their stories... we're seeing activism being born right in front of our eyes. Some have pushed the value of democracy into a category more important than their lives. When I think of every activist I know. When I think back on the nearly-100 podcasts I've recorded with activsts... what rings true is that none are born activists, events around them shape them into becoming one. The logical question for all of us is "what do we value so highly that will we stand up to defend it?"

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