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Norman Ollestad: On The Beach podcast

July 15 2009 | Podcasts, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

The On The Beach podcast series exists to explore our connections to oceans, waves and beaches from as many perspectives as possible. When I saw the photo to the right... I was taken in. This is Norman Ollestad Sr. surfing Topanga with his tiny young son Norman Ollestad (junior) on his back.

I'm guessing not too many people out there have similar photos of themselves with their father.

The book above is the tender, heart-warming... tragic, heart-wrenching story of these two people. It was just released and is already on the NYT best seller list... but my interest in talking with Norman was to understand a bit more of the back story to this photo, growing up around Malibu and how the ocean shaped his life.

Listen in as I caught up with Norman, on the beach, at Topanga.

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