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North Shore video vingette: Duke Kahanamoku and Eddie Aikau, surfing and lifeguarding pioneers

July 04 2009 | Surfing, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

The past was only the spoken/printed word and the future is increasingly video-oriented, I think that reality has been absorbed by most by this point.

What I love about this reality is the opportunity to have stories, cultures and history captured and distributed to more audiences than they would have hit in years past. Are there downsides to a world-is-flat mentality? Absolutely. I'm simply choosing to focus on the upsides.

Lightweight, ten-minute video vignettes offer people an onramp. They give people knowledge and understanding. They enable people to contextually see an area and it's issues. They can also eventually point to the need for coastal and cultural protection.

This video is about Oahu. It's about lifeguards. It's about the living history in front of people as they interact with the North Shore.

Plug into our Oahu chapter here.

I'll stop jabbering, the crew over at Explore have created some nice vignettes in this mindset. Here's one on Guardians of the Sea.

Let it load and watch the entire film, it's worthy.
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