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NYC signs on: Anti-plastic sentiment closer to a tipping point?

January 17 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

More and more movement is happening on single-use plastics, which is an excellent thing as it's among the largest pollutant in our oceans.

A few weeks back China signed an interesting and potentially impressive law.

In fact many states, countries, towns and municipalities are waking up to our crazy-train addiction to single-use plastics; State of Washington, San Jose, Paris, etc.

Last week NYC made some movements in a positive direction. This bill puts the onus on the stores to provide relevant, prominent recyling bins for plastic bags.

I know, this isn't anywhere near an all out ban on single-use plastic bags. I'm not sure that is possible/probable for a city the size of Gotham... I hope it is. In the meantime I applaud their momentum. More and more it seems like city councils and governing bodies are understanding the mess we have collectively gotten ourselves into. More and more it seems like entities understand what we're putting at risk by our habits and commercial guidelines... I'm guessing more entities won't get things right the first time around but after some tweaking we just might get this right.

Now if we could just get California's Governor to do something beyond closing State Parks 48 at a time.
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