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NYC’s Bloomberg compares single-use plastic to lead paint (and pushes for a ban)

February 16 2013 | Policy, Events, Campaigns, Plastics,

Legacy trumps convenience.

The recent call by NYC's Mayor Bloomberg to ban plastic-foam packaging before he leaves office hit me with that simple point.

The convience associated with using a single-use plastic cup for coffee can not possibly outweigh the long-term legacies that we as individuals have... or that last-term politicians have.

It seems almost comical to connect those two points... a cup outweighing a person's legacy... and yet that is what all the remaining municipalities, cities and states express if they don't follow Bloomberg's lead.

Read his quotation to the left... strong words.

Mayor Bloomberg is comparing single-use plastics to lead paint; that comparison makes sense. To drive the point home he underscores how simple a decision banning single-use plastics should be...

Does anyone think something that is environmentally-destructive, hazardous to our health and costing taxpayers money... is a good thing?  Or are we just not thinking?

Single-use plastic and styrofoam trash do not belong in our oceans. It also doesn't belong in landfills...

Kudos to Mayor Bloomberg for stepping up and pushing this forward.

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