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Oahu finds a new, higher gear

February 11 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

(kudos to Scott Werny for passing me this intelligence and the photos)

The last few days have been busy on Oahu. Wait, didn’t I post that message last week. Truth is that the crews on Oahu are finding a few new gears… bills to allow the state to purchase Kawela Bay and Ka Iwi lands moved forward and the Surfrider Oahu chapter held its largest clean-up ever.

First up, the Ko`olauloa-North Shore Alliance, representing many organizations (including the Surfrider Oahu Chapter) who support the initiative to purchase the undeveloped lands at the Turtle Bay Resort, held a press conference at the Capitol with Senator Clayton Hee.

Groups that supported the purchase of these lands surrounded the room of the press conference with their banners. This, an aligned and focused show of muscle and intent, is what helps turbochage such efforts.

At the conference, the specifics of three bills were discussed and groups expressed their support for acquiring the land around Turtle Bay and Kawela Bay, land on the Ka ‘Iwi coast, and the Galbraith Estate lands near Wahiawa, all for preservation.

The bills were heard in a meeting of the Senate Water and Land Committee that followed. The committee deferred vote, but Hee said he intends to pass the Turtle Bay bill.

TV News
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Governor to hold talk on Turtle Bay

ext up, over at Sand Island State Park in collaboration with Kokua Foundation and Star 101.9, the Surfrider Oahu chapter held its largest beach clean-up ever, with over 460 people lending a hand to pick up heaps trash at this large beach park. This was one of 5 clean-ups held simultaneously on Oahu.

Participants were offered access to pre-sales tickets for the Kokua Festival in April, and with Jack Johnson and Dave Mathews slated to play along with a bunch of other groups, this proved to be a strong incentive, along with sunny weather after a couple of weeks of rain.

Surfrider Foundation Oahu Chapter.

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