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Ocean friendly garden

February 11 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

So many things are out of whack regarding water. We hose down driveways with... drinking water, we import water from thousands of miles away to drink, the list goes on and on.

A couple of years ago we decided it was time to redo our front yard. Truth is that it was probably the ugliest front yard on the street as I'd put most of my time into other projects. When we started looking at what to do with our yard it became clear very quickly, we should use indigenous plants that didn't need a lot of water and that would look natural in the San Diego environment.

We built an ocean friendly garden.

We may have arrived at that destination on our own but Joe Geever, our California staffer focused on policy, had created the "ocean friendly garden" concept... or at least took an existing concept and Surfrider-ized it. He packaged the concepts around this program... and it was pretty straightforward from that point on.

The result is stunning. Our front yard is now, IMHO, the best yard on the street. It uses very little water, naturally thrives and seems to get better with every season. There is one downside to this concept... it makes me look at our back yard totally different. I HAD been focusing the majority of my time there, nurturing various types of plants, etc. Now... I know that the plants in the back yard were the wrong choice for the region I live in.

What about you, do you have... or are you considering an ocean friendly garden?

Check out our materials on Ocean Friendly Gardens.

And while your at it, check out the contest that's happening in Orange County around this concept.
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