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Oil washes up on beaches, BP says it’s not oil… and water remains untested

August 13 2010 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Tropical depressions mix things up. This time around the tropical depression is mixing up the oil which was sunk by the extensive use of dispersants and is washing it onto the shores of beaches. This shouldn't be surprising to us... at all. Especially when you think of the things in perspective. The government has said "half the oil is gone." Basically they are saying that half of the total 9 Exxon Valdezes worth of spilled oil is still in the Gulf. Where is it exactly? It's where the dispersant pushed it--underwater. What IS surprising is BP's rigid adherence to their message and telling people the oil is gone. But what's even MORE surprising is that the federal government isn't testing these waters for toxins. I was on this beach, Orange Beach (Alabama), less than a week ago and the waters were filled with tourists. The locals I spoke with are smarter than that; they won't go in until there is more information available about the safety of the waters.  It's the tourists who are swimming and playing in water. Maybe the water is safe. Maybe it isn't. It's time we knew. President Obama, test the waters and be forthright with the results. Anything less is a public disservice.
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