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One language

November 26 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I was at one of my daughter's performances recently and during intermission an award was given out to an outstanding music teacher in our region. One thing he said struck home to me. He was talking about a competition he was judging in Europe where European kids were playing pieces alongside Americans, Venezuelans and others. He said that they couldn't really understand each other... until they started playing Mozart. This point held such weight to him that he starting choking and tearing up a bit.

That reminded me of our recent International Conference in Buzios, Brazil.

We had people from Portugal, France, Canada, Japan, Peru, Argentina, United States and Brazil. Sure, most of us spoke English... but for many English was their second or third language. What struck me was that even though we came from all over the globe we got along like we were family.

We got along better than if we were family.

Our Mozart equivalent is our mission. We come from different places. We come from different socioeconomic backgrounds. We reflect multiple generations... and yet we are all equally yoked in Surfrider's mission.

"... the protection of oceans, waves and beaches for all people..."

As I sat there and watched this man receive the equivalent to a lifetime achievement award all I could think about was those that have gone before me to build Surfrider Foundation into what it is today... and all those people that give of themselves to this mission today.

I'm humbled by these people as they are the true world changers. I'm also honored to work in their midst.

So I lift a virtual glass to all these people. These people that have built this language, this mission, this network... this tribe.


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