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私たちの水の循環が壊れている (our water cycle is broken)

February 14 2012 | Coastal development, Water, Chapters, Ocean friendly garden, Coastal armoring, Stories, Communications, DIY Activism, Modern Activism, Water Quality,

I love seeing relevant, timely ideas spread around the world. That's one of the reasons I'm a fan of evolving communications shifts brought on by the internet, they enable ideas to be shared easier and embraced faster by cultures all over the world. Surfrider's mission falls smack dab into the middle of this concept.

Surfrider's chapters created and built The Cycle of Insanity video. It's a video that explains how our water cycle is broken and how we can fix it. Our global network has now translated it into Spanish and Japanese. Below is the Japanese version.

Insane work by Surfrider activists spanning the globe.

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