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Paul Naude, President of Billabong USA, Podcast

March 16 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

PODCAST (On The Beach podcasts also available via itunes podcasts)

Paul Naudé, President of Billabong USA, has been a supporter of Surfrider for as long as we can remember. Beyond that he’s shown great leadership in not only bringing environmental awareness into the surf industry but also putting his money where his mouth is. Paul is usually a man of few words but in this podcast he shares his life story with the detail that paints a picture of an aware and involved global citizen. My favorite part of this podcast is about 30 minutes into the conversation when I ask him about the environmental part of his story and in an almost anticlimactic moment Paul shares in a matter of fact tone “look, if you’re a surfer you notice clean water and dirty water” and succinctly paints how straightforward surfers should see environmental issues.
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