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Photography and art: Brown W Cannon III

February 16 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Our mission, protection and enjoyment of oceans waves and beaches, intersects with so many people.

A large part of why Surfrider exists is to connect those dots... connect those that love the oceans, waves and beaches to those that want to protect them... and vice versa.

Art and Surfrider are not strange bedfellows. In fact Art and Surfrider share DNA. That's why we've done art events at the local scale and at the international scale.

Look at the image to the left.

A vertical shot capturing the wonders of ocean water, the magic of diving and the other worldly nature of teh environment. All this captured in a jarring black and white photo... floating on the bottom of a Carribean-water blue longboard.

Ok, I'll stop with my waxing on...

Look at that image.

Ok, now stop looking at it. If you're in San Francisco later this month check out this show. It isn't a Surfrider event but we are a beneficiary of a portion of the proceeds.


Opening Thursday, Feb 21 6PM
Terra Gallery
San Francisco
Feb 12 - 26, 2008

511 Harrison Street
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