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Plastic bags: Whole Foods plastic bag ban

January 22 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

It's always interesting to see who early adopters are. Specifically it's interesting to see who is leading the charge to drive decreased use of single-use plastics and decreased plastic pollution in our oceans.

Sometimes it is the expected...
- Patagonia's ongoing quest to minimize product packaging and impact
- San Francisco and New York's anti-plastic bag stances

Sometimes it is the unexpected...
- US government... relatively silent on the overuse of single-use plastics. I thought we were a thought leader. I thought we were a leader period
- Chinese government passing policies and introducing economic levers designed to drive awareness and decreased use

Today Whole Foods joined the list of early adopters with a company-wide plastic bag ban. While I'd file this under "expected", it's still great news as it's yet another indicator that we may yet ween ourselves away from our massive overuse of single-use plastics. I also file it as expected because there are a handful of companies that always seem to make the "right" decisions, for me Whole Foods is on that list.


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