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Plastic… now found on every beach in the world

December 02 2011 | Beaches, Plastics, Water Quality,

When we wrote our current strategic plan we had a spirited debate regarding our vision. 

One segment of the group wanted a vision which had perhaps a bit of a romantic notion to it... Surfrider's vision should be "pristine beaches."

Another segment was more realistic about the current state of things and made the argument that pristine beaches can't be a vision... and perhaps is more of a fantasy. Their point was that there wasn't a sinlge beach on the planet without plastic on it.

This distinction stuck with me.

I hope it sticks with you.

The photo to the left was taken in the Southern Maldives. Look at a map to understand how far away the Maldives are from... everything.

Pieces of plastic are on every beach on the planet.

The pieces, many times, are broken down and thus may not look like a single-use bag or a water bottle. Get down on your knees and inspect the sand near the high tide line, you'll find plastic.

You CAN be a part of the solution. Understand the issues with single-use plastics. Understand your personal footprint with single-use plastics.

Repeat after me, I'll never accept another single-use water bottle.

Rise above plastics, engage deeper here.


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