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Plastics in the ocean (the numbers)

September 03 2009 | Ads, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I've written about this subject many... many times. If you read one of my tomes on this subject make it this one.

I hear about this issue multiple times a day, every day. It's a massive issue. It requires large-scale cultural rewiring (to understand this one in a sentence... our addition to plastics is causing us to do the equivalent of soiling our own home).

So in a sense, this isn't a new subject.

It's mainstream.

It's Oprahstream.

Cites as large as Mexico City have bans around single-use plastics... heck, even China (the self-contained metaphor for the future) has a single-use plastic ban.

What caught my eye this time around was this graphic from a recent Surfline piece. The graphic is to the left and does a nice job of illustrating the chain and the scope.

The article around this graphic is solid as well, that article is here, do check it out.

Image: Surfline
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