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Plastics out of the ocean?

July 05 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I was visiting a good friend at his office yesterday. I noticed he was drinking some water, and after the summer drive to his office I was parched. I asked for some water and he grabbed a FIJI (not what he was drinking) in a single-use plastic container and handed it to me.

I was really thirsty.

I took it from him and looked at the bottle.

I handed it back to him.

I shared how I couldn't use it, and waxed on, I'm sure too long, regarding the impact of single-use plastics. That tension I felt was good tension. Believe me, I'm as far from perfect as may be possible... but I literally cannot take a plastic bottle (or grocery bag) and feel anything close to good about myself or our oceans.

Plastics in the ocean are out of control. It's been written about, filmed, etc. More and more I find myself projecting into the future and feeling something between being deeply concerned and petrified. How can you extract plastic that has broken down to the size of plankton (and outnumbers plankton) and will never biodegrade? We're not talking about fishing a bag out of the ocean, we're talking about dealing with a new phase of ocean's makeup where plastics are a component in the mix.

Honestly... I'm not sure what to make of this poll. I asked a question to you that I found myself wrestling with. My scientific and entrepreneurial friends aren't very positive on the answer (they usually just say "no, not at all"). The bell curve on this poll essentially say the same thing with perhaps a slightly more optimistic percentage.

Wrestle with this poll.

Think about the ramifications.

Never use another single-use plastic bottle or bag.
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