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Please dispose of the massive dead whale on your private beach

December 06 2012 | Beach access, Beaches,

You can't make this stuff up... not even in Hollywood.

The ongoing debate over Malibu beaches being public or private took an interesting turn this week.

A 40,000 pound dead whale washed up.

It happened to wash up on a beach that homeowners have been claiming is private. The Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors told the homeowners to take care of the problem themselves... as it's a "private beach."

This would be interesting news anywhere - but, when the backdrop is Bob Dylan's and Barabara Streisand's homes... events like this take on a new scale.

Surfrider's stance on beaches is very straightforward. We believe beaches are coastal residents' open space.

Beach access for all, period.

Meanwhile, back in Malibu things keep getting more strange.


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