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Podcast: Marty Fujita and Taylor and Dana Cook on the beach at Rincon

July 31 2009 | Podcasts, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

As I hit the “stop” button on my ipod Marty Fujita, a past Surfrider board member and environmental maven, said, “We need to recognize that we are all in this together and the oceans connect us. Symptoms of climate change like rising sea levels and coral bleaching events are global--Mother Ocean doesn't recognize political boundaries, and we have to act accordingly and act fast to stem the tide of further damage.”

This was a perfect umbrella statement for the time we spent together catching up on the beach at Rincon.

Her story, shared on this recording, takes her from Venice to Huntington Beach to Costa Rica to Indonesia and beyond.

I love this podcast as half way through our framing of her story her 15 year old twins joined us. Dana and Taylor Cook offered a wonderful perspective on what we’re all trying to do... change the world. We know it’s the next generation who will take the torch and that's what was captured on this podcast. Their perspective added an unexpected special color. Listen in.

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In the photo (l to r): Dana, Marty and Taylor
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