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Private Access: Go Away

April 19 2012 | Beach access, Coastal development,

Beach access is one of those things we take for granted until it's too late.

Think about how simple of an issue this is, you want to get to the beach and you can't.

Maybe you're a surfer and you've been gated out by a private development or perhaps you just want to go down to the beach and walk but when you get to the same beach path that has been there for years... it's gone, its fenced off.

Members of Surfrider Foundation believe we should be able to access the beach. Being able to walk to the coast is a right. That is straightforward to us and we will fight to protect that right in towns and cities all over the world.

The most recent example from Long Branch, New Jersey highlights why the Jersey Shore Chapter's campaign is against NJ's new proposal to change public access rules. This spot, pictured left is on the state's list of public access points. Huh? 

Again, this isn't one of those complex issues where you need an advanced degree to understand the nuances of coastal law. We're talking about enabling the same people in Long Branch that have walked down to the beach for as long as anyone can remember... to be able to keep doing that.

Learn more about this issue here and find your local chapter here.

Become a member of Surfrider Foundation here and help support our efforts to fight coastal issues like this.

The following is a video from the current campaign in Long Branch, New Jersey.


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