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Project Blue contest / Message onramp

April 12 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I met with Adam Werbach a few days ago and the majority of what we talked about had do to with meeting people where they were... where they live... where they shop. I deeply identify with his vision and applaud his boldness.

The challenge this planet is collectively facing is monumental, we're going to need approaches that scale massive. His approach, working with Wal Mart and others, is about scale. Just before I met him he finished up a radio interview, it also provides some good, meaty content, it's here.

This transitions to Surfrider in that we want to reach EVERY person that lives in coastal areas. We want all people to understand what's at stake and what is needed to preserve the regions we love so much.

Thus we need vehicles to talk to people. Project Blue is such a vehicle. It's a connection point, an onramp for people buying action sports gear to take a step toward understanding our mission.

And what time is better to plug into something when the cost of entry is... nada? Swell contest info here.
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