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Project Blue: Recycled

July 28 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

You may have heard of Project Blue.

It's an initiative with a few of the leading surf brands. They sell products and a percent of the proceeds come to Surfrider Foundation.

The Project Blue site offers some onramps to newcomers, ways to plug into this movement, some recent press and some products to buy.

As I looked over the recent DaKine announcement, making the packs from recycled materials, it hit me. What hit me was the shift I was seeing in real time.

The shift is the surf industry understanding and making business decisions regarding sustainability and their product strategy.

Billabong has been making their Project Blue boardshort out of recycled plastic materials since they introduced it (and recently won Product of the Year at this years SIMA awards).

The Fanning (Project Blue) sandal has a recycled tire for a sole.

Electric is using recycled materials for their Project Blue eyewear packaging (complete with soy based inks).

Rumors of an all organic wax...

It's pretty cool to see the major brands make these kinds of moves.

Kudos to the teams behind these decisions.

And thank you for thinking of our mission.
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