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Protect your break

May 07 2010 | Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

We are stoked Patagonia chose the "Protect Your Break" theme for it's Spring 2010 catalog. To help you make good on that suggestion we have more than 100 chapters spanning a dozen countries. Connect to a chapter near you here.

A few stats regarding what volunteers are currently doing to protect their breaks and the nearby coasts:
  • There are over 120 live coastal environmental campaigns operating at any given time across the United States (more outside the US)
  • ALL these locally-driven by volunteers just like you, the best way to have your break protected... is to engage and protect it
  • This amazing crew of volunteers has chalked up this list of the last 131 victories since 1/06
There isn't an organization whose job it is to protect your break for you, there are only organizations that help you do that. Join one of them, protect your break.

Click on image below to go to Patagonia's site/catalog.

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