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Punk rock environmentalism, Pennywise takes the stage

November 15 2013 | Events, Music,

I wrote a blog post called "punk rock environmentalism" a few years back. The premise was simple; punk rock and environmentalism are both movements that reflect a person making an idea that is larger than them... their own.

Both punk and the conservation movement are about the DIY (do it yourself) ethic.

We change ourselves, and in doing so, we influence others to change.

Anyone who was around for the first wave of punk rock knows that it was anything but a mainstream movement. The Ramones only had one gold record (Ramones Mania) and it came 14 years after the band formed. This story matters because the extremely un-popular Ramones became one of the most influencial bands in history. 

That's the same story connected to most conservation-oriented ideas. John Muir arrived in Yosemite in 1868. 22 years later it was designated as (the first) National Park. 

Am I suggesting there is a link between The Ramones and John Muir? Yes, I am.

Both are both innovators and like all innovators they lived much of their lives on their own terms and slowly influenced meaningful amounts of the world.

What I've seen every day that I've been at Surfrider Foundation is the difference a single person can make. I've seen the influencial power an individual has once they take on an issue, make it their own and push themselves into the sometimes uncomfortable position of taking a stand on the issue within their circle of friends.

This brings me to Pennywise.

Tonight in Hermosa Beach Pennywise will return to the stage.

With tonight's show Pennywise is, literally, offering an intersection between punk rock and ocean conservation.

If you are a Pennywise fan, you can catch the band's first gig from their hometown in 20 years via a live, multi-camera webcast from Saint Rocke here

For the environmental movement to continue to flourish we must enable and allow for non-traditional approaches for people to plug in.

We should make sure that we enable EVERYone to feel a personal connection to the oceans, waves and beaches. I don't care if you are a seven- year-old or a seventy-year-old. We literally want the entire globe to find a place to plug in.

Big thanks to the Pennywise crew for putting on this benefit. 

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