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Quiver from heaven

August 19 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Close your eyes... you're dreaming... you're floating... ok, that sounds weird, you're not floating... you're... in some alternate state. You've reached nirvana as a surfer that few come close to... you're approaching Kelly Slater and his 9-er run... you open your eyes and see this.

I love this image. It's an elegant, minimalistic quiver-in-heaven image. At least it's that to me.

Less is more... and more is more... simultaneously.

The image is attached to cut/break, a show at the Soho Grand in... Soho.

It'll be hung through August.


Some info on that here and here.

Now close your eyes and drift off to sleep... image for your dreams supplied by Chris Gentile.
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