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Rain washing all our crap into the oceans

December 31 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I was passed a few photos the other day that made me stop in my tracks.

They came from Tony Soriano from our Seal Beach chapter.

I popped him a few questions to flush out, no pun intended, the details behind these pics.

Tony, what are we looking at in these photos?

Tony: I took these photos after the weekend storm December 14-15th. It was the 15th and 16th when I started taking pictures of the beach between the river jetty and the Seal Beach Pier showing the entire debris field that sat on the beach for 3 ½ days.

Have you ever seen anything like this in that area before?
T: Yes, it happens every single time that we have excessive rainstorms.

How did all this trash get on this beach?
T: The San Gabriel River is 75 miles from mountain to sea. Along the way the rainwater’s carry everything down to the mouth of the river from the usual Styrofoam cups and containers; cans/spray cans, bottles, plastic bags, sleeping bags, backpack’s, shopping carts, car bumpers, TV & computer broken plastic housings, dead animals, and more, etc.

What is the solution (what should people do to help rectify this situation?)?
T: We should be targeting the residential communities along the 75-mile length of the river. Most of the trash is from households and people living in and around the river. Awareness with signs in Spanish, Vietnamese, etc., about the prosecution for littering or making people aware of the harm they produce for littering. Disposing of trash in 3rd world countries is commonplace. Form -“After the Rain” – beach cleanup strike force teams. A group of regular surfers that I surf with have already formed our own group. We meet in the early morning, (around 6:30 – 8:30 AM) and pick up as much debris as possible. The residents along the beach should also do something rather that jog by and say there’s more trash to there…

Any closing thoughts?
T: It was great when the news media picked up the photos that I submitted to OC Register;; Sun News in Seal Beach. Eric Spillman (channel 5 KTLA) carried a great story that got national attention.

For more info on this check out this site. For ten simple things you can do about this problem go here.
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