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Roche glide -> Show in Cardiff

July 04 2010 | Art, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Let's start with the truism that it's impossible to capture the multifaceted surfing lifestyle in a single image. That said, the photo below comes close. It's an image Kevin Roche caught by swimming out to the peak at (I think) Seaside in southern Cardiff. The water-level point-of-view, the glassy water surface, the casual conversation, the sky melting into the sea, the birds. I love this image.

It's part of a show in Cardiff right now. All the artists are locals and the whole vibe just feels... perfectly Cardiff.

You may be saying "these are all locals, isn't Julie living in New Jersey?" Nope, she's a transplant. I'm going to push her into local status as I just saw her out at Swamis.

It's the Fourth of July, get on over and check this show out.
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