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Rogan Gregory and Scott Hahn podcast

May 15 2009 | Podcasts, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I first heard of Rogan a few years ago when he provided a work for our first Art for the Oceans auction. He also provided tshirts for the event that were among the softest, best tshirts I’d ever worn (we still get requests for them). Both came from the label he founded with Scott Hahn, Loomstate.

Loomstate is to fashion what Patagonia is to sport.

Rogan and Scott are early adopters, they are influencers, they are mavens. It all makes perfect sense when you hear their respective stories.

I was intrigued with them from the second I heard about them and every interaction I’ve had since has made me understand how their vision for their brand overlaps with Surfrider’s mission. Listen in as we walk through their stories.

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pic screen grabbed from morning of the earth.
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