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Rowing 500 days on the open ocean by yourself, the Roz Savage podcast

April 10 2013 | Water, Podcasts, Stories, Communications, DIY Activism,

Look at this picture and put yourself in that seat.

Okay, now take away the idyllic island in the background.

Now spend 500 days in that rowboat by yourself.

I first heard of Roz Savage just after she embarked on her Atlantic crossing, in Winter... unsupported. I heard of her adventures again when she crossed the Pacific and again when she crossed the Indian Ocean.

I found it hard to guess what would push someone to do such a thing... let alone do it again and again. 

Stop guessing, here is an 18 minute podcast with Roz. She shares those stories and more.

Other podcasts are here. Subscribe to podcasts via itunes here. And if you're wondering why I create podcasts like these, that answer is here

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